Chicken Plucker and Scalder for rent: 1-2 days for $75.00.

FEATHERMAN plucker, scalder, cones, and chill trough for rent. For chickens, turkeys and other medium to large birds.

Serving the Portland and Salem, Oregon areas since 2008.

Note: Prices have gone up to $75 for a 1-2 day rental and $100 for deposit. We apologize for the increase but we are still one of the cheapest plucker rental services in the country.

How to reserve

  • Check the calendar first
  • Email your reservation after you have verified your dates are free
  • Download instructions and the contract here: Contract/Instructions
  • Print and read the instructions before you rent, especially for the scalder
  • Bring your completed contract with you with your payment and deposit (cash) and a driver’s license. The $100 deposit will be returned if the equipment comes back to us clean and in working order. We also barter for turkey, beef, or other farm-fresh foods.
  • We often have plastic bags and twist ties available for chickens, 50 for $12.

Click here for Washington rental

Renting the plucker and scalder

You must transport in truck, van, or trailer with uncluttered floor space, no tight squeezing (to protect fragile scalder components). No cars or SUVs, no clutter in transport space.

Important! Keep the gas tip of the scalder dry and clean!

PLEASE call if you’re not going to show up — someone else may be waiting for a cancellation. Being flaky is unfair to others.

DO NOT  just drop by without scheduling a pick-up and drop-off time. We might not be here.

The Featherman plucker and scalder allow you to process more birds more efficiently. Simply fill the scalder at least two hours ahead of time (propane tank and electricity needed), and let it bring the water to the perfect temperature for scalding. You can dunk your birds by hand, or use the dunker/shackle apparatus. This allows you to submerge four birds at once.

Then move the birds to the plucker (hose and electricity needed), which completely plucks the birds in seconds, sending the feathers down a chute into a bucket. Your birds are now ready to finish.

Both machines are relatively easy to move. It takes two moderately strong people to lift them into the back of your truck or van. Also included are small and large cones for broilers, giant broilers, and turkeys, a dunker and shackles, and a chill trough. We often have bags and ties available for purchase, 50 for $12. You will also be asked to fill out a lease agreement and leave a $100 deposit, which is refundable if the equipment is returned undamaged and thoroughly cleaned. (We do hold people to this if the equipment is returned dirty.)

For more information on the plucker and scalder, visit http://www.featherman.net. For more information on butchering your own chickens, visit http://www.butcherachicken.blogspot.com/.

We are located in Molalla, OR. Rental is $75 for one to two days ($100 refundable deposit required). Most people rent Friday-Sunday, but weekdays are available too.

Chill Trough

We  have a 100-gallon Rubbermaid trough available for chilling down your birds in ice water after processing. Included in price of rental.

Don’t have time to process your own?

Check out Mineral Springs Poultry. They are in Willamina, Or and can be reached at 503-876-8231. They also have a new DVD out you can order that shows you how to process your own chickens.

Also, Taylor Made Farms in Sheridan also will do some processing for you: taylormadefarms at ymail dot com. They also sell pastured meats, custom-milled grains and hay.