Classes & Instruction

How to Butcher Your Own Chicken

Sunday, June 11, $60, Forest Grove, Or

Lots of do-it-yourself poultry processors set out their first time armed with little more than a few youtube videos and some very good friends.

However nothing beats hands-on experience. Now you can actually take a class to learn how to process your own birds!

“How to butcher your own chicken,” will be taught by Chrissie and Koorosh at Kookoolan Farms, on Sunday, July 11.  It’s $50 and a live chicken is included.  For an additional fee you may bring up to three total chickens, or you may purchase one of our live chickens.  (Finished butchered chickens will also be available – Cornish Cross only, $4.25/lb, the first heritage chickens won’t be ready until the end of July).  There is no requirement as a student in the class to kill or to eviscerate, but the opportunity will be offered to each student.  This class may also be interesting to our regular poultry customers who simply want to see firsthand how their chickens are butchered.  If you’re interested you can call or email to register.

15713 Highway 47
Yamhill, Oregon  97148
Phone:  503.730.753

Poultry Processing DVD

Nels Youngberg, proprietor of Mineral Springs Poultry, has just released an instructional DVD “How to Process Poultry,” available, among other places, direct from him at  You can also make an appointment with his company in Willamina, Oregon, to butcher your chickens under his custom-licensed plant at 503-876-8231 (that means it’s legal for him to kill your chickens and give them back to you; it’s not legal for you to sell them to others, same as “custom processed” beef or pork shares, for example.